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Correctica is published by Knowingly, a venture-backed Austin startup founded by Byron Reese in 2014. Visit our corporate site to learn more about Knowingly.

Correctica is a new tool that scans your web content to find errors spell checkers and grammar checkers miss. These are phrases, like "sneak peak" and "prostrate cancer," which contain commonly misused homophones and common misspellings. Correctica also finds misused idioms, like "I could care less," and incorrect article use, like "I have a umbrella." Search engines notice these mistakes, which can be costly to your SEO. Users notice them as well and draw conclusions about the quality of your brand. Correctica finds these on your website, so you can fix them.

Altogether, we have identified 254,000 of these errors. They creep in everywhere because they are so hard to detect. The CDC has them on their website. Harvard has more than a few. The New York Times has many of them. These are fine and prestigious brands, and we don't call them out to make fun of them but to show just how hard it is to get this all right.

Try it! Either enter your URL into our demo or click on "Proof it Free" to try it on some text you copy and paste into our site.


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